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Narys nuo: 2018 May
choose good styling

the matifie hair spray, and can make them less conspicuous. like a spray fixing.
pamper your hair, you will
i want you to know that in order to have a beautiful hair, it is necessary to give priority to the roots. the scalp is the most healthy.

the logic, but often missed, it was imperative to have morning and evening, without exception, to get rid of the dust accumulated in the day, choose a brush instead of a comb, to reach a maximum of impurities between the rods. they can breathe freely.

in the shower, use your regular shampoo, with a little massage scalp lace wigs, to stimulate the movement. this will relax the scalp, which can be extended (and yes, he also is stressed. this can help to get it.
a little more: after washing your hair
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