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Narys nuo: 2018 Jan
Product characteristics of mobile crusher

The mobile crusher plant has small area, convenient movement and free choice of the site. It can be matched with other crusher. The mobile crusher has realized the organization and configuration persity, the maneuverability is good, the work is fast and the crushing ratio is big.

Product characteristics of mobile crusher

1. integrated composite structure, can be directly into the site, and on-site operation, eliminating the cumbersome infrastructure installation and time consumption, small area;

2. the structure is advanced, the modelling is fashionable, the maneuver is flexible, the operation is simple, and the equipment quality is stable, the failure is few, the operation is smooth, and the cost of every maintenance and maintenance can be reduced by nearly 40 thousand yuan in use.

3. Systematic design, the whole crushing process is smoother, efficient and productive, and the power consumption of a single device is over 60%, and no noise is generated in the work.

4. the group is convenient and free to meet the customer's inpidualized demand. In material transportation, the "approach treatment" principle can be realized, less transport links and more than 50% of the costs are saved.

5. adaptability is strong, it can overcome the ultra-low temperature environment. At the same time, there is no pollution such as dust and noise in work production, so as to achieve green production.
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