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Those turnovers led to NBA Live

Those turnovers led to NBA 2K18 MT Coins 20 Miami points, but San Antonio's hot shooting made up for some of the carelessness with the ball. The Heat had 15 turnovers.Will these teams keep hitting a bunch of threes, and does it matter?Neither team had a clear advantage from deep, with the Heat actually making two more three-pointers. But it was Green's flurry of threes in the first half that helped give.

San Antonio its 17-point first-half lead, so those seemed to have a larger impact on the game.More from SB Nation:• GIF: Danny Green foils LeBron's fast break• Interview: Behind the lens of Team Wade• Doc Rivers to the Clippers? Not so fast• NBA mock draft: Best-case scenarios | Scouting reports | Big Board.

Manu Ginobili and Danny Green may have stolen the show in the San Antonio Spurs' 114-104 Game 5 victory over the Miami Heat, but the contributions from Tony Parker and Tim Duncan were equally as important.More: Spurs Game 5 coverage at Pounding The Rock Heat Game 5 coverage at Hot.

HoopsParker led the NBA Live Mobile Coins Spurs with 26 points and five assists on 10-of-14 shooting, showing no ill effects from a hamstring injury suffered in Game 3, although he did walk with a bit of a limp after the game. Parker explained at his presser that he tried to conserve energy throughout the game so he would have his legs down the stretch, something he didn't have in Game 4.

"I was just trying to pace myself better during the game and not be out of gas like at the end of Game 4," Parker said. "In the second half (of Game 4), I didn't have enough juice and my hamstring was kind of fatigued. This game I was just trying to take my time. It helped because.
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