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Narys nuo: 2018 May
your hair is protected and haircut

you want to spend your day in the sun, while remaining hair, and protecting your hair
n you glitter jelly l'oreal professional protective
effect: this product prevents your hair from dryness and texture allows you to create a hairstyle that takes all day.
the result: your hair is protected and haircuts. we love the result. with the glitter jelly contains.
you want to feed your hair and enjoy the sun and the fill and the pleasures of summer without damage.

we recommend you to the protective oil sesame oil and furterer
Its effect: If you have a high protective index, your hair will be protected, even if you are in water, because the oil is waterproof. In addition, because of its lipid complex, your hair is fed. If your hair is fat, you avoid this product.
As a result, your hair shines and stays soft all summer long.

Your desire: Food and oppression, you want a product that you can do: full lace wigs uk hairdressing, protection, perfume...
We recommend you: plant hair jelly after the sun
Its effect: It's very melting, it can let you spend a day in the sun to make your hair full, and make your hair fresh note fragrance? Greed and greed
As a result, your hair is bright and wellstructured.
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