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Narys nuo: 2018 May
that there is no hair in the interior

pull the hair back up to 4 fingers between the eyebrow and the start of the hair. finish checking that there is no hair in the interior, particularly at the level of the hands or the head.
the comb fingers directly on to the structure after cutting. on the other hand, it is better to get the hair out of your head.

if you wear it every day, wash once a week, in order to maintain the beautiful and brilliant. wash the wool sweater with a shampoo (do not use the conventional shampoos. let the mixture of cold water and soaked in a shampoo, rinse, wring it and put it on his support for it to dry. let it dry naturally, without heat, human hair wigs hair dryer, flat iron, etc.), it would ruin it.

in the rain, the fibers are, for example, they don't friseront. only the major heat sources are to be avoided (oven, barbecue, fireplace.
finally, there is the wig falls on the back of the neck, in the wake of various friction, such as scarves in winter. go to your wigmaker for straightening the back of the neck. it's just very easily.
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