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bad habits that damage the scalp

finally, on a mask is essential, so that the hair found their place. with white clay, the scalp hair dry, will be improved. the mask with honey and lemon juice are also good to smooth and clean.
in the shampoo, or masks, argan oil is not because it has the advantages of adoucissantes virtues, also popular and nutritious, very dry skins. it can also be used as pure, oil bath, with a towel wrapped on the face for 30 minutes.

do the right things
the film generally occur at times when the body is subjected to a malfunction due to external or internal factors. this may be a medical treatment, a hormone imbalance, stress or bad habits that damage the scalp. in these cases, in addition to hair care buy human hair wigs, it may be necessary to see a specialist to deal with the causes associated with the origin of the film.

in addition, the extended wear and repeated for a motorcycle helmet, a hat, a hat or hair like a ponytail or bun, on the scalp: a lack of air, and the dry films are. moreover, the addition of the gel or hairspray, the disaster is provided. so, why not take advantage of the summer to let his hair down and free as the air.
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