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I mean if she was my sister

The Rockets are hard at work as front office members are trying to piece together NBA 2K MT Coins ways to add superstar talents while remaining under the salary cap. Houston is reportedly in the process of adding All-Star point guard Chris Paul from the Clippers, but it's looking to add even more stars including Paul George and Carmelo Anthony, according to reports.It's no secret the Rockets have been interested in acquiring George from the Pacers, but after the Paul deal it seemed like an unlikely scenario due to lack of assets. But MMOgo's Tim MacMahon reports Houston still believes it can acquire George.MMOgo's Jeff Goodman added general manager Daryl Morey is "not done yet" and the Rockets will "try and add a third star to compete with [the] Warriors." That third star could also be Anthony, someone who MacMahon mentioned, along with MMOgo's Stephen A. Smith Wednesday on SportsCenter.

In the mean time, the Rockets are making moves in order to satisfy the financial demands of the Paul deal. They made a number of trades Wednesday acquiring players on non-guaranteed deals they will insert into the Paul trade including Ryan Kelly (from Hawks), DeAndre Liggins (from Mavericks) and Tim Quarterman (from Trail Blazers). Since the players have no guaranteed cash, it allows Los Angeles to release them without penalty.So while many have been praising the Rockets for creating possibly the best backcourt with James Harden and Paul, the front office isn't satisfied yet. Who knows what else the Rockets could include in a deal for George, but if they're able to put something together then they'll be serious contenders for the title-defending Warriors.

The Knicks may not have much of a plan, but they know what steps they'll be taking to rebuild the team first.The franchise's focus in the coming weeks will be on free agency rather than a replacement for departed team president Phil Jackson, MMOgo reported, citing unidentified league sources.According to the report, the front office's discussions with other teams on Wednesday was led by general manager Steve Mills. While free agency is the priority, New York is targeting Raptors president Masai Ujiri as a possible replacement for Jackson, though Ujiri remains tied up in a five-year contract with Toronto.The Knicks on Wednesday announced they had mutually parted ways with Jackson, as owner James Dolan became increasingly concerned about the team's long-term direction and Jackson's ability to lead the it. Given Jackson's open disagreements with stars Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis, who have both been the subject of trade rumors, the team could soon take an interesting turn in a new direction.

Lamar Odom says he is taking his sobriety seriously, but his past drug addiction and infidelity came at a huge price.Notably, Odom's wife, Khloe Kardashian, filed for divorce after nearly four years of marriage in 2013. Along with losing Khloe, he lost the support of the rest of the Kardashians.Odom was famously close to Rob Kardashian, who he used to refer to as his own brother. Now, the two don't talk."I guess it's maybe because I hurt his sister too much," Odom said on "The Wendy Williams Show" that aired Wednesday. "I would have a problem with me too … I mean if she was my sister."Odom also said he hasn't met Rob's daughter, who was born in November.As to whether Odom would get back together with Khloe Kardashian, NBA 2K18 MT that is a hard no."I say that with no offense to her — that would be the best for both of us you, know what I'm saying?" he said. "We have to keep our distance."Odom, who left rehab in January, also said he hasn't kept up with any other Kardashians.
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nba 2k18 mt

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