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Narys nuo: 2018 May
the strawberry blonde

you have a skin or mediterranean and dark eyes: brown, green, or blue. a blonde, a little more for copper will be sustained well with your face. you can wear it with a cut short or long hair. you should also be aware that the color will look very pretty on a long or short full lace wigs) and it will add a touch of spice.

the sweeping blond
if you have a proper look at, or mixed with black or brown eyes are dark, it is advisable not to opt for a uniform color, blonde. solution: light up your hair with a hair fine scanning, preferably cold. work the color light touch on the tips of the hair, the face and the frame half lengths.

the holidays approaching, and the famous new year's eve, when we all want to shine among his friends. for that, there's no such thing as a hair to drop. but it is not. that is, it is not always easy to know how to fix her hair. you don't need to take courses to get a haircut. sometimes, explore some very simple ideas.
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