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Narys nuo: 2018 May
tie your hair on the top of the head

10 minutes to smooth
select a brush lissante. it is a ceramic heating system and heating rods, and also, a temperature distribution and a smooth topping. tie your hair on the top of the head, release a piece of the neck, put the brush as you do with a classical model, and fix them gradually, freeing them from the bottom to the top. the report will be much more natural than plates and you'll get about 15 minutes of surgery if you have long hair lace wigs uk.

2 minutes to get
once you have your hair shape, you can make a little more shine with a specific serum. and then use a curtain of hair, about 20 cm to print the transaction. some contain active anti moisture frisotter prevent your hair during the day.

if i use a hair straightener.
for a perfect score, without running the risk of ab? the sea, hair, the trick is to take his time. in a single pass is in lock plates, but it must be slide slowly from the root to the tip, and hair not too thick. finally, to bring a little bit of movement, to rotate a quarter turn your flat iron at the level of the tips.
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