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Narys nuo: 2018 May
you hair of dream beautifully curled.

beauty is your closest ally, you hair of dream beautifully curled lacewigsbuy. for your love story with your iron to last as long as possible, keep in mind a few gestures of good will that you take care of your equipment and your hair over the long term.
if you want to keep your iron in good condition for a long period, we need to make a few simple actions to ensure its sustainability.

the first surface is cleaned on a regular basis when it is cold, your hair is growing in various of products especially if you use a curling iron, it is applied to hydrate and at least once a week. these products are on the surface, waste ceramic mainly), which can cause a foul odour. the simplest way is to use baby wipes and wipe démaquillante with gentle movements, not to remove the iron. finish wiping gently with a cloth so soft and moist. a microfiber cloth is recommended for this operation.
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