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Narys nuo: 2018 May
with blond hair and red

with blond hair and red, the colour of a strawberry blonde heroine? with the help of the advantage to go to both clear that are carnations. to wake up and warm the skin, it is sufficient to choose a shade with a hint of gold if you have white skin, and if it is not orange. t halée. some headgear is recommended to develop the reflection of the colour warm, others are less complimentary.

the square down
after testing the wrong square, with its length to the inside of the neck, the actress was launched, giving a time her long hair. the corrugations to enable its hook soft red light and reflect multiple reflections. the bits are a little longer features hard down her face.

the edge ball.
very popular a few years ago, this trend did not last long. to create a fringe is provided, it is necessary to bring in front of the hair more dark background. the rim of an already heavy, red takes over and over again supported the view.
the halo style
crimped in root hair on the back, front and back are subsequently discharged without fixed attachment. a veil of lacquer is to give them this image blur at the hollywood style. for the result to be achieved, it is essential that you be fine with your roots. red must be intense and homogeneous, there will be a lot of shine on his face.
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