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Narys nuo: 2018 May
to rinse hair thoroughly until screech

i have a blue or pink?
it is important to protect your hair color when the pool, it is more important to them. to remove residual chlorine and lime, rinse carefully its length after each bath. you don't need to put a lot of shampoo, the most important thing is to rinse hair thoroughly until screech. in order to keep a bright blue or pink, avoiding at all costs the hot water.

in fact, the scales of the hair up and leave the colouring is weakening. with warm water or cold, can smooth the fiber color and keep longer. we can also make masks and care once a week to restore the color and enhance the fiber conditioning prior to the next one. in order to reduce and avoid the scalp, as well as the color fades too fast, you can also use shampoo.

how do i get to the colour orange.
bright pastels are more vulnerable than others. the color tends to fade more quickly and to tarnish. in order to maintain a maximum of the pink or blue, you can mix it up a little bit of hair conditioner with the rest of colour.
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