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Giant pandas have acquired notoriety through news reports concerning the few held in captivity Women's Jordan Richards Jersey , most notably the pair loaned to the National Zoo named Tian Tian and Mei Xiang in America. The giant panda also serves as the World Wildlife Federation's iconic logo. The lesser-known red panda shares several characteristics with the giants, particularly in that its diet consists chiefly of bamboo. Nonetheless, other than tastes in food, habitat plus a few similar markings on the red their fur and giant pandas have little in common. Get an answer from a veterinarian!


In comparison to red pandas Women's Malcom Brown Jersey , giant pandas are intelligibly huge. Adult red pandas weigh between 7 and 13 pounds and are from 20 to 25 inches in length, while giant pandas are about five feet in height and tip the scales at 150 to 300 pounds. While male and female red pandas are generally the same size, male giant pandas are usually considerably larger than the females, a similarity they share with common bears.


Giant pandas are monochromatic Women's Joe Thuney Jersey , meaning that their fur coloration consists exclusively of grayscale. Mostly white, the legs and shoulders of the giant panda are not white, as are the patches of fur surrounding its eyes as well as the ears. Red pandas are predictably red in colour, with rusty reddish fur covering almost all of the bodies. While the red panda's legs are dark Women's Brandin Cooks Jersey , almost black as are those of giant pandas, they have white patches of fur on their cheeks, above the eyes, on their ears as well as on their noses Cheap Jordan Richards Jersey , as well as their tails are ringed with alternating stripes of reddish and orange coat.

Body contour

More strongly resembling raccoons than bears, red pandas have rounded bodies which are elongated compared to long, fluffy tails and giant pandas. Lots of people call giant pandas "panda bears" due to their close resemblance to their own ursine cousins. With round, barrel-shaped bodies and globe- the giant panda sports a short Cheap Malcom Brown Jersey , stubby tail very similar to those of other bears.


Both the giant and red panda share similar habitat, that being high bamboo forests. However, red pandas have a much greater range than do the giants Giant pandas only reside in the mountains of central China at elevations of 8,850 to 12 Cheap Joe Thuney Jersey ,800 feet, while red pandas reside not only in the Himalayas, but also in central China and the mountains of northern Myanmar.They also tend to live at both higher and lower elevations than the giants, ranging from 5 Cheap Brandin Cooks Jersey ,000 to 15,700 feet.


While the giants spend the majority of their time on the floor and, though excellent climbers, are energetic during the day Jordan Richards Jersey , red pandas spend most of the time and just visit earth to forage or bear their young. Red pandas are also most active at nighttime.


Some naturalists still argue regarding the potential relationship between giant and red pandas. All things considered, they are similar in appearance, they eat bamboo plus they share exactly the same habitat. Not until the perfection of DNA testing did geneticists finally determine that the red panda, while distantly related to the North American raccoon Malcom Brown Jersey , is a species unique unto itself and that giant pandas are akin to other species of bears. Sharing the same habitat and nutritional requirements might have directed evolution toward creating their similarities.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Sept. 2 (Xinhua) -- The opening ceremony of the Rio Paralympics will focus less on retelling Brazil's history and more on the "human condition", the show's creative directors said on Friday.

Next Wednesday's extravaganza at the Maracana stadium will last almost three hours, reflecting the motto "everybody has a heart", according to writer Marcelo Paiva, one of the directors.

"The Olympic Games opening ceremony had an obligation to tell Brazil's history and utilize national icons," Paiva told a press conference. "We don't. We are more focused on humanity, on the human condition, on feelings, difficulties, solidarity, love, heart."

That is not to say the ceremony will not include elements of Brazil's national identity, such as Rio's beaches, samba dance and local music.

It will also feature a performance by US snowboarder and Paralympic medallist Amy Purdy.

"Having this opportunity to perform for the whole world, with millions of people watching, is an enormous responsibility," Purdy said. "That's why I'm training so hard."

Paiva said he hoped the ceremony would change perspectives on people with impairments.

"It's a universal message," Paiva said. "A ramp for the disabled could also be for pregnant women, for people who have a broken leg, for prams, for the visually impaired."

He added that the ceremony would begin "spectacularly". "It will evoke emotion, laughs and tears," Paiva said.

Organizers did not disclose the opening ceremony budget, but executive producer Flavio Machado confirmed cuts were made amid Brazil's worst recession in decades.

"Brazilians know how to do more with less," he said. "The budget was enough to do what we wanted to create. It wasn't a problem and it's not going to be an excuse.

"We have worked on a very strong creative concept. We want to provoke the audience to dismantle prejudices against people with deficiencies."

Some 500 professionals, including choreographers and artists, and 2,000 volunteers will be involved in the ceremony. Over 4,000 athletes from 160 countries and regions will take part in the parade.

Organizers said that 4,000 tickets out of a total of 50,000 remained available. The Rio Paralympics will run from September 7 to 18.

by Liang Linlin, Zhao Xiaona

BRUSSELS, July 20 (Xinhua) -- The European Commission said on Wednesday it will consider abol.
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