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Narys nuo: 2018 May
ideal formula to make the beauty of your hair

there are many kinds of hair products to meet the needs of all types of hair. we will explain how to choose the ideal formula to make the beauty of your hair.

for normal hair
we dream all had normal hair, that is to say, neither too dry nor too fat. indeed, they have a ph balanced, protect completely, which is soft, shiny and healthy. to keep these assets, it should be different shampoos to natural assets to provide a variety of trace elements.

in order to feed their vitality and shine shampoo with extracts of plants such as nettle, sweet almond, green tea, sage, are great for keeping the balance of normal hair. the blonde, chamomile and lemon éclaircissantes properties were also more efficient with a little sun. finally, the brown cocoa sublimera hair color, as a bonus, a perfume greedy and glamour.

for oily hair buy lace wigs UK
oily hair is due to the overproduction of sebum in the scalp. the hair stiff or flexible oil slide easily on the hair fiber. in normal times, it is a good thing, because it protects the hair from pollution and other small foreign aggression, and does not break up and remain flexible. except in cases of excess hair, increased and become fat. to remedy this, shampoo cleanses the active clay, lime or grapefruit, can regulate sebum production.
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