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Three Brush your long hair

Your shampoo habits: Use a shampoo that suits your hair, followed by a nutritious shampoo to help you shed hair. Massage your scalp and stretch to the tip.
What can you do to make her grow her hair?
Two Dry your hair
How do you do it? Drying them is crucial to the health of your long hair. After washing, roll up your hair with a towel and use the appropriate mat to remove excess water. Clean them with a wide toothbrush and never break wet hair brushes Clean your hair

Three Brush your long hair
A smooth brush is a complete care for your long hair. Practice for one minute every morning and evening Use natural brushes Put your head back, from neck to forehead This embroidery removes impurities and makes hair healthier and softer.

Four Moisturize your long hair lace front wigs
Is your hair long daily care free of water spray? Age, their real day cream! Apply to length to give your hair texture and brightness.
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